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Timing of Shunglu Committee Report leaks highly suspect; attempt to malign AAP before MCD polls

Timing of Shunglu Committee Report leaks highly suspect; attempt to malign AAP before MCD polls
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The Shunglu Committee Report has resurfaced on the eve of the Municipal Council of Delhi (MCD) polls due on 23rd April. The Committee appointed by former Lt-Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung had launched a witch hunt against the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi last year, investigating over 400 of the most crucial files of the Delhi Government, paralysing the Government's functioning.
The Shunglu Committee Report has no substance in it and selective leaks from the report are being used to malign AAP. During a press conference addressed by Delhi Convener of the AAP Dilip Pandey, he said, "The daily plants of negative stories against AAP are being done only to divert from AAP's exposes on fraudulent EVMs that are only voting for the BJP. The BJP and Congress have been in power in the MCD for twenty years, and the huge scale of corruption that BJP and Congress leaders have indulged in is known to all. Why has there been no investigation into the MCD's corruption?"
Senior leader Ashutosh added, "Just like the misinformation campaign against us before 2015 elections, once more this has begun before MCD elections. The BJP has begun leaking contents of the report to mouthpieces of the party in the media. If the AAP is guilty, then why doesn't the BJP Government punish the party, instead of constantly leaking parts of the report?"
The contents of this report have already been reported months ago, which is why the timing of these fresh round of leaks becomes suspect. There is a clear link between the upcoming MCD election and the leaks. AAP is confident that there has been no wrongdoing and the AAP Government has provided honest administration to the people of Delhi over the last two years. 


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