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Prithvi Reddy appointed Co-convenor of AAP Overseas Team

Date 25 Feb 2017

Press release
Prithvi Reddy appointed Co-convenor of AAP Overseas Team
The Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the Aam Aadmi Party met on Thursday 23rd February, 2017 in Delhi, to review the recently concluded election campaigns in Punjab and Goa . 
The PAC placed on record, its appreciation for the contribution of various Overseas chapters of AAP from across the globe. Ovseseas chapters have actively participated in Fund Raising, Calling Campaign, Online campaigns and Ground Campaigns in the recent election campaigns in both Punjab and Goa.
In order to further strengthen and increase participation of Overseas Chapters, the PAC appiinted National Executive member Prithvi Reddy as Co-convenor of AAP Overseas team.
Prithvi, a founding member of AAP, has been fulfilling many state and national level responsibilities within the party, was present at the meeting.
AAP Overseas Convenor, Dr Kumar Vishwas and the entire Overseas team has welcomed Prithvi Reddy into the team. 


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