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Arvind Kejriwal demands VVPAT results be tallies with EVM results to validate the results

Kejriwal demands recounting of VVPAT slips
Tallying paper trail slips with EVM results will clear the air: Kejriwal
Shocking instances of election rigging have eroded credibility of election process
New Delhi
Putting before media shocking instances of alleged EVM tampering pouring in from states like UP, Maharashtra, Punjab and Chandigarh, Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said that these instances have shaken common man's faith in the electoral process. He said Election Commission should take immediate steps to win back people's faith. He demanded that paper trail slips of VVPAT Electronic Voter Machines should be counted an tallied with the announced results. This is the easiest thing the Commission can do to win back people's faith and clear the air, he added.
He said “Over the last few days we have analyzed the results minutely and the analysis has given rise to some serious questions which are important not just from the Punjab elections point of view but from the larger view of our democracy.”

Arvind Kejriwal said “Everyone is aware that in the Punjab elections Congress secured 38.5% votes, SAD & BJP got 30.6 % and AAP & LIP 23.9 votes. The most predominant feeling in this election was that the people of Punjab had a hatred for the Akali Dal and the Badal family due to the rampant loot and drug business. Not a single person expected the Akali Dal to get more than 6 to 7% votes and their 30.6% vote share is inexplicable. Common people, media persons, experts, and independent people from all walks of life had sensed that AAP will sweep Punjab. In the wake of this perception, Akalis being 6% ahead of AAP is completely astounding. There was a clear sense AAP will sweep Malwa, Congress will sweep Majha and Doaba would be a close fight. The results belie this common perception.”

The AAP has begun a booth wise analysis and came across many booths where the results seem totally untrue. Arvind Kejriwal presented some examples of the same. In Sujanpur Vidhan Sabha, village Akhwana, booth number 73 AAP got 3 votes. We have 7 volunteers there who have been campaigning day and night and they have 17 family members who have all said that they voted for AAP in the same booth, so how come there are only 3 votes for AAP. In Sujanpur Vidhan Sabha, village Gosainpur we got 2 votes and 27 family members of 5 volunteers are ready to swear on affidavit that they voted for AAP. In Shri Hargobindpur in Booth number 213 we have just 1 vote and our 5 volunteers are asking how are their votes not reflected. In Khemkaran we have got 5 votes where we have 9 volunteers. There are many such examples where we have volunteers who are willing to swear that their votes for AAP but are not reflected in the result.

Arvind Kejriwal said “Since the Akalis were expected to only get 6% votes it makes one wonder whether 25% votes of AAP votes have been transferred to Akali Dal through EVM tampering. In the Maharashtra Civic Polls a lot of questions were raised, including the case of an independent candidate who got zero votes and did not even get his own vote. In the UP elections too a number of such cases are coming forth. The people’s faith in the EVM system has been shaken. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure that people are confident of the voting process because if that is not secure and sacred then there is no hope for democracy. If indeed there can be tampering then the whole election process is rendered meaningless.”

Arvind Kejriwal added “The current elections are done and dusted and there can be no change in the results. Our aim is to ensure that in the future no such doubts are created in the minds of people. Hence we have one demand - the Supreme Coot has ordered that the paper trail should be deployed in all elections through the VVPAT machines, but it has not been done yet. It was done in 32 places in Punjab and 20 places in UP and we demand that the EC should do a counting of this paper trail. If the results are the same then people will have full faith in the system.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, “I am making this demand with full responsibility. I am aware that media will ridicule my demand as an excuse for losing. However, I am not the one saying EVMs can be tampered, the Supreme Court has said that EVMs can be tampered and has asked for VVPAT machines to be deployed to maintain the sanctity of the voting process. Across the world EVMs have been banned because they can be tampered. In fact before 2013 BJP themselves complained against EVM tampering and has gone up to the Supreme Court on this issue, it is strange that they find the process kosher now. The questions I have raised are important because our democracy rests on the integrity of the voting process. Hence we say that there the VVPAT system should be put to test and if there is a mismatch in the votes then we need to re-think our electoral process in order to safeguard our democracy.”


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