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AAP brings systematic changes to government education

When the Aam Aadmi Party formed the government in Delhi in 2015, we knew we had inherited a public school system that was in shambles. What we did not know was how deep the rot ran. Subject to decades of neglect and intentional subversion by vested interests of politicians with flourishing private school ‘business’, Delhi’s government schools suffered handicaps at all levels - severe shortage of rooms and teachers, low motivation among teachers and principals, and most importantly, abysmal learning levels with 3 out of 4 students in Class 6 unable to even read their books.

Over the last two years, the AAP government has laid a strong foundation for what truly promises to be an ‘Education Revolution’ by undertaking a sustained and systematic effort to rebuild a broken public education system. The first step taken by the government within days of coming to power in 2015 was doubling the allocation for education in the budget. In 2016-17, as per a RBI study of state budgets, Delhi allocated 22.8% of its total budget to education, the highest for any state in India and far above the all India average of 15.6%.

Providing additional funds, however, was only the beginning. AAP’s vision was clear: to provide quality and accessible education to all, regardless of one's ability to pay. Over the last two years, the government has worked tirelessly on four major fronts to move towards its vision: i) modernising infrastructure, ii) capacity building of school teachers and principals, iii) making school administration accountable, and iv) improving learning outcomes. An understanding of the government’s work on each of these is essential to understand the essence of Delhi’s education revolution.

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