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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders expose BJP corruption in North MCD

Date 20 Feb 2017

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders expose BJP corruption in North MCD

In India, everyday 120 women die due to malnutrition related issues at childbirth. 44000 women die every year in India. Out of every 100,000 pregnant women 120 lose their lives. And malnutrition kills 147 out of every 1000 babies born in India. These figures are very alarming compared to the rest of the world and the main reason behind this is poor health and hygiene services in India.

 In 2010, the central government had declared pregnant women will get Rs. 4000 per birth. This was revised in July 2013 to Rs.6000 under the National Food Security Act. In the last three years not a single pregnant woman received this promised sum. 

AAP Leader Ms Richa Pandey said “On New Year, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi rebranded this same old scheme and said everyone woman would get Rs. 6000 for each of her first two children. There has been no move to implement his rebranded scheme either. But what is more shameful is that in retrospect, Modi Sarkar revised the sum down to Rs. 5000 and made it applicable for one child only. This shows the lack of seriousness of Modi Sarkar in planning as well as in the importance they give to the issue of the health of pregnant women and new borns. This is not surprising from Modiji who can use his mother too for political benefit.”

 MLA Sarita Singh said “North Delhi Municipal Corporation is going to develop a shopping complex within a Maternity & Child Welfare Centre at Sanj Nagar, Rani Bagh and will sell the shops to generate revenue. The current Centre is in a dilapidated condition and no effort has been made to repair and renovate it. In this country where the Mother is deified, the BJP has stooped to the lowest level of exploitation by robbing the already pathetic services for mothers and children. BJP believes only in doublespeak, on one hand it makes hollow claims towards women and girl child welfare but it is snatching away a mother’s right to give birth. There is no dearth of markets and shopping complexes in Delhi, there is dearth of health services but North MCD only seeks to indulge in corruption and exploitation, this time they are doing it by stealing the rights of women. AAP will ensure that no such corrupt scheme succeeds, we will ensure that Women and Child Welfare Centre is protected and repaired and not sold for commercial exploitation.”

 AAP Leader Nitin Tyagi thanked the media for supporting public causes and drove attention to the recent incident of rape in Haus Khas. He said despite so many mis-happenings there is no seriousness in women’s security by Delhi Police or Modi Sarkar. 

 AAP Delhi Convenor Dilip Pandey said if one wants to see the BJP Development Model one must visit North Delhi Municipal Corportation. He said, “There was a flyover planned by North MCD to connect  on Pusa Road and North Delhi, to be situated on Rani Jhanshi Marg. This amazing flyover has been under construction since 20 years, and, the 70 crore budget for this flyover has risen to 700 crore. BJP asks for votes on the name of development, is this development? The corrupt corporators and officials of North MCD have made this never to be finished flyover a never-ending machine of making money. The BJP cannot even use land issues as an excuse because for the last 3 years there is their own BJP Government in the Centre which controls all the land here. In fact when this flyover began in 1988, that time too there was a BJP Government in the Centre. This is not a flyover friends, this is an ATM Machine for the BJP from where they have been milking money without needing a debit card or ATM pin


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